Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Red Riding... beret??

Back to the knitting this weekend. This was a super fast and easy knit hat with a lace pattern just around the crown. The pattern shows the hat as a beanie or watch cap style, but I blocked it over a plate to give it some beret-like slouch. Tight fitting hats over big hair never work for me! I tend to look like the big bad wolf after pulling off a wool hat, but this one is pretty loose so I think it won't leave flat hat hair.

Old Fern Hat (Ravelry link)

frisbee? sea urchin? hat? 

It's very difficult to take good hat self portraits! 
Red hats are like a pair of red shoes.... every gal needs one

even Grandma sports it with style!

The yarn is basic but serviceable Lion  Brand Wool Ease. I think there's enough left in the skein to make a second one or a matching cowl in this lace pattern.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preparing for a High Feast

We are getting ready to celebrate Easter - or Resurrection Day, as I prefer to call it. The word "Easter" is derived from the name Roman fertility goddess, Ishtar. And what better sign of fertility than a rabbit, right? Thus all the bunnies and eggs that the merchandisers push at us. Now I've eaten my fair share of Cadbury Eggs and chocolate bunnies and enjoyed every bite, but this day is about new life in a different way.

Every Sunday we have a special meal as a family to celebrate the Lord's day and Him coming to life, conquering sin and death. We light candles, haul out the nice china, and try to make food that everyone likes. (It's hard to celebrate when you have to muck down peas, right?) We practice polite table manners and generally try to be joyful. Oh, and to remind the kids that this is a sweet day, everyone gets chocolate or candy on their plate - and, are you ready for this - they get to eat that first! Yes, 'tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. But Resurrection Day is the day to celebrate the promise of new life He gives us! So we do it up BIG. I want the kids to remember that this is an extraordinary all the stops are pulled out. Pressed linens, candles, flowers, cloth napkins. No cutting corners here - the best to glorify God!

We eagerly await our celebration tomorrow! May yours be blessed, too!