Thursday, September 19, 2013

Illustrated Recipe

My sketchbook is filling up with faces - something I'm making myself practice because I'd consider drawing faces my weakest point as an artist. But after filling a few pages with asymmetrical smiles, broken noses, and spaced out eyes, I needed a break! 

I put my pencils away, picked up my beloved Micron .005 pen, and just let go.

And dinner was on my mind, too. It made for a happy result, I think!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Watercolor and Lettering Love

I hope to start producing more paintings in the near future, perhaps to sell prints. My sketchbook is filling up with ideas! Here's the first of them...

Well, it was a start at least. I tried using acrylics on colored paper, but it kept looking like an 80's neon poster, so I switched to a more familiar medium: watercolors.

Oh, how I love the fluidity and flow of watercolors! Can you tell I love typography, too? The graphic designer in me keeps popping out whenever I paint.
watercolor, approx. 11x14"

pencil included for scale - those were some tiny letters!

*all images copyright of Sara Hemmeke, 2013. Please do not use or repost without linking to this blog. Thanks!