Tuesday, June 1, 2010

explosive birthday

It's a birthday here today - and what 6 yr old wouldn't want a volcano cake? The recent eruptions in Iceland, along with a well-timed study of Mt. Vesuvius, has the little folks here interested in volcanoes, lava, and explosions. This was possibly the easiest cake I've made outside of a pan-shaped cake. Ours was inspired by the model at FamilyFun.

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Alisa said...

That is a really cool cake! My son would love it.

Thanks for visiting our blog. Wow, that is alot of mending you did. And a very nice friend for doing it. It's good stewardship to mend. I'm sure you know that :-)

Welcome to your new blog space. (I peaked at your other blog too.) I'm not sure if you realize that your email address is not in your profile or not. If you put it in there, then I(and others) could respond to your comments via email. Just something to think about.

Have a good day.