Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knitter's Nightmare

What could be worse than knitting a pair of socks, then losing one sock?

How about finding the lost sock and discovering that it's been destroyed?

I was so excited to find my lost sock (between the washer and the wall)! I gave it a quick wash along with some towels, but when I pulled it out to lovingly line dry it, I saw HOLES! BIG ONES! Aaack!

I'm not sure if they were there before the spin in the wash machine, but I will definitely be putting my handknit socks in a lingerie bag from now on when washing them. I suggest you do, too!

So, back to the holey sock. I've been known to darn socks, and boy, was I darning this one. I counted at least 5 holes, 2 of which I could darn easily enough, but the others were monsters. I decided to rip out the toe of the sock and reknit. Thank goodness I had extra yarn (and saved it!)

Here's the progress...from holey mess to 2 holes darned and toe ripped back to finished product!

You can hardly tell which one has been fixed! The 2010 sock count is back up to 6...out of 20. I better get cracking!

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