Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Girls becoming Big Girls

My daughter completed her first machine-sewing project lately. She's 8. She made a simple two-sided doll blanket, picking out the fabrics herself for the front and back. It was an easy sew up the sides, leave a seam open, flip inside out, then topstitch sort of blanket. Lots of pressing, too. She did it all, except the topstitching. Didn't want to try that. But there was enough new info for her to process I didn't mind helping her a bit. See how happy she is about it?
Now she's doing a task she's much more familiar with: handstitching. She's quilting the two layers together with DMC floss, planning where to do the stitching all on her own. I like her sense of style! My own love of creating and design makes it very hard for me to remain hands-off and not get in her way. I encourage her to keep trying and not get frustrated when knots happen, needles come unthreaded, supplies get lost. There's SO much to learn when it comes to "project management!"
I'm so proud of my little girl; she's becoming a beautiful "column, sculpted in the palace style."

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twin fibers said...

Too cute!!! Looks like she did a wonderful job and her stitching is so neat, too! :)
I know how it is not to say anything about a child led project. :) I'm sure she is so proud to have made something so wonderful and to have done it all. ~Jessica