Thursday, June 10, 2010

Purple Again?

Purple has been popping up in my life a lot lately. It's a color I'm not fond of, mostly in terms of clothes for myself. I have no idea what got into me when I found this bold butterfly print bedsheet at Goodwill... something said it needed to become a dress.

And so it did. The pattern is "Prairie Girl" by Favorite Things. It's perfect for a bold print because there are few seams to break up the pattern. It took about an hour to cut out and another 2-3 hours to sew. That's with a lot of interruptions. The pattern directions were clear, but I'd recommend them for someone who has an idea about garment construction. The few drawings included were mildly helpful. The only mods I made to the pattern were to add bust darts on the sides as well as two darts up the back to pull in the fabric. Perhaps I made a size too large. The only thing I'm not excited about is how wide the shoulders are. That will get trimmed down next time!

I plan on making another one of these in a shirt length using the short sleeve option. The ruffles just aren't doing it for me. I did not make the dickie or placket to fill in the V-neck; I opted to wear a cami underneath instead. Perhaps that will be added later.
My 8 yr old photographer in training gets the credits for the pics. Thus the strained look on my face (don't drop the camera!!).

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twin fibers said...

Your dress is great! I love the fabric too and am so surprised it is was a sheet! Jessica and I have collected quite a few vintage sheets from thrift stores- you can find some great ones at a low cost, which is great when you are on a budget or just like to hunt and find a "deal" Thanks for the info on the pattern too - I may have to look that one up after I finish a few projects :) take care! - Jennifer