Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sew Happy!!

I have had the most wonderful and relaxing Saturday! I think I've been long overdue for some creative output. Here's the result:

- worked on my Christmas quilt (hey, it's never too early, right?). The top is allllllmost finished! It's more a lap quilt or wall hanging size, so don't get ideas of a queen sized topper here.

- sewed a pillow to match my living room curtains. I bought panels from World Market that came packaged in cute little bags made from the same fabric. My seam ripper and I make quick work of those bags and now my sofa is happily coordinated.

- started a pillow to match my slipcover - lots of Waverly fabric left over, just need to get a zipper

- cut out a pair of PJ shorts from a beautiful green and peach vintage sheet. I'm so excited to finish these - the only thing holding me back from diving right into the construction was a couple of dirty boys who needed bath and to get to bed. There's a lot more vintage sheet love and a giveaway over at All Things Vintage Sheets - so don't toss out grandma's linens before you have a look!

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twin fibers said...

yea, yea for the Christmas quilt! :)