Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There and Back again - Holland, MI

We went over hill and under hill to get to Holland, MI last month. I love this town! First, it's on Lake Michigan, and any beach that sports a tunnel through a sand dune is pretty cool.
Standing with "just your toes in the water" quickly turns into wave jumping. No jellyfish, sea urchins or other spiky, painful objects here!

And sunsets over the lake - a perfect way to end a day. Of course, you have to climb hundreds of stairs up over the dunes to see the sunset, then find your way back down those hundreds of stairs in the dark if you tarry too long!

Downtown sports an awesome used bookstore, complete with a resident cat!

My son settled in with a book about polar bears, his recent obsession.

Very intrigued by a shop full of cuckoo-clocks. It was like walking into the movie "Pinocchio." Very clicky-clacky, very noisy, and very expensive!
The boys were disappointed to have to leave the shop so quickly, but the fudge/candy store was two doors down, a good compromise!

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