Monday, October 4, 2010

Sock love

OK, I admit I was burning out on the knitted socks. As in a total loss of love for the art form. They're just socks, right? Nobody ever sees them except me. Why bother? It's all the same cables or lace or ribs just repackaged. Blah. Variegated yarns were becoming my bane - just a mottled mishmash of colors with no meaning or direction. Apparently that's all I ever buy! Where are my solid yarns?!?

Maybe it was the recent 10 inches of rain sogging my brain, but the sun came out and I've fallen back in love with little sticks and strings. This great yarn that's been waiting patiently in my stash helped. (Koigu - *sigh* Thank you, Canada for Koigu!)

Leyburn socks WIP

These pastel Easter-egg colors drew me in on a dark November day in Philly, PA. I'm normally NOT a pastel person. So when would I use this? But then I saw this pattern and how those floats danced around and played up all those colors, I knew I had a winner! No cables, no lace, no ribs. I even changed to a girly picot cuff to go with these foo-foo colors. And you know what? It's making me very happy.

(to the knitters out there who are wondering what on earth I did to my picot cuff - yes, I know it's not right. That big lumpyness is a result of just winging it and not following any directions. Socks as artform, yes - but they're still SOCKS. The second one will be better, that's part of the charm, right?)

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