Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Coat for Anna - Sort of

wool coat
I finally finished the wool coat for my daughter! Hooray! We are both quite happy with it! My son just happened to be reading "A New Coat for Anna" this week for school, and we all thought the new wool coat in the book could very well look like this one!

The pattern is Simplicity 2584 (I think - going off my rusty memory here). I changed the "skirt" part a bit. I did pleats instead of gathering it, which I'm mostly happy with. I wish that I had done the front side pleats facing to the back instead of the front now that I see it on her. Oh well. She's likely to grow so fast that this won't fit her next year. *sigh* I had to lengthen the sleeves a good 3 inches to accomodate her condor-like arms. I think the pattern was off on that.

Wool Coat

She got inspired to strike a pose everytime I held up the camera. I have no idea where she gets her spunk! Hmmm, maybe her mother??

wool coat

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