Thursday, December 9, 2010


handknit smocked sweater

Ever make a baby gift and wonder its fate will be? Loved and cherished? Or lost in the back of the closet? When I knit this sweater over a year ago I had no doubts about that. This pattern is a perfect match for this sweet little girl, who was kind enough to let the crazy lady with the camera take her picture. "Stand by the blue wall, honey. Stop wiggling, there's not much light. No, sister can't hold you. Yes, she will stay close by. Of course you can hold your baby. Don't move. Ok, I don't care if you don't smile, just wanna see the handknits, k?" Really, her face says it all, don't you think? She wasn't going to let big sister wander too far away, though!

I knew when I knit this that it would be awhile before the little 'un could wear it. I think she needs to stop growing now. Or I'm gonna have to get my knitting needles out again (well, I think I'll teach the big sisters to knit instead!). It is so satisfying to see my hours of knitting loved by another!!

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