Friday, January 28, 2011

Melted Snowmen

Babysitting today - which means there are 5 little boys in the house and one girl. And it's too rainy/muddy to play outside. What to do with all that energy!? The girl and I banded together to make these fun melted snowman cookies, and the boys were glad to help eat them!

Melted snowman cookies

They're super easy - just your basic sugar cookie with white frosting, then microwave a marshmallow for about 5 seconds, just long enough to soften it up. Then gently smoosh it on the cookie and pipe on the details. The marshmallows didn't even get that hot, so little hands were safe and could help (remind them to GENTLY smoosh the marshmallow, or you will have a lot of gooey fingers!).

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Terri said...

Thanks for the idea. Joel is going to use this for a 4H project this week! (Edible art contest) :)