Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Lady

The kids' flu bug has now bitten me. I'm slowly getting back up to full speed, but wow. I felt too sick to even KNIT (but just for a day. My fingers start twitching after that long). And knitting is about all that's been happening around here lately. I'm trying to finish this sweater with hopes of wearing it once or twice before the Southern spring weather finally sets in.

February Lady Sweater WIP
detail of the gull lace pattern - don't you love those yellow undertones in the yarn?

It's the February Lady Sweater (Ravelry link). I figured if 10,000 people have knit this, than it can't be a miss! It's knit in Shepherd's Wool. This is the softest 100% wool yarn I've ever felt! mmmmm! I picked up the yarn while visiting Michigan; the Stonehedge Fiber Mill that produces it happens to be up there, too. And the color? "Lakeshore." How could I resist? It actually reminded me more of the turquoise jewelry you find in the souvenir shops in northern Michigan. I bought some silver buttons for 50 cents each that fit right in with the detailed turquoise & silver rings I've collected from trips to Mackinaw Island.

February Lady Sweater WIP

I'm halfway through the body, knitting from the neck down. Sleeves will get added after the body is complete. It'd be nice to get my "Febrary Lady" done while it's still February!


Nell said...

Great color! Did I tell you Brian bought a cello? I thought of you instantly!

Domina said...

Is the cello for you or him? Very exciting! :)