Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Agnes Tunic

Agnes Tunic from "Girl's World" by Jennifer Paganelli
fabric: Double Daisy Border from the Flora & Fauna collection by Patty Young
placket: Pretty Please by Jennifer Paganelli
size: XL

I recently purchased a copy of "Girls World" by Jennifer Paganelli. What a fun book full of girls' patterns and accessories! Even if you don't have a girl to sew for, you could find something in there for yourself, too.

My girl is starting to outgrow the desire to wear what Mom sews for her, so I thought I better make hay while the sun shines, as they say. The Agnes Tunic appealed to both of us. It looked comfy and versatile, and I really liked the idea of 3/4 sleeves. Perfect for warm Southern autumns paired with leggings.

I made the XL size but should've done the Large size looking back at it. There still would be plenty of growing room! The model in the book is sitting and kind of hunched up, making it difficult to see how much ease is already included in the pattern. If my knitting brain had kicked in, I would've measured the pattern pieces and compared them to my daughter's actual measurements! Apparently my mind only works well in certain craft media. :) The shoulders fit well, but it seems very long and wide, even for my tall girl. A bit like a muumuu? I omitted the sleeve and hem bands which would have added a couple extra inches. Next time I make this I'll lop a few inches off the hem to make it more hip-length and probably make the body a bit narrower. And add pockets - that's a request from the girl.

The back button & loop closure is a sweet little detail.

Very roomy - she won't outgrow this too quickly!

The directions and diagrams were very clear and everything came together quickly and easily except for one piece. The contrast band around the neck was NOT easy to attach to the bodice. If you are a beginner at sewing clothing, leave this pattern for later. All the corners, angles, combined with sections of gathering were quite a challenge to sew. After a lot of fussing and seam ripping, I'm still not 100% happy with how parts of the placket turned out, but I decided to call it good enough for now.

I'm excited to try out the other patterns in the book - but I'll pay closer attention to sizing from now on. :)

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:) Cute! She looks adorable!