Thursday, October 13, 2011

Winter Woolies

It's mid-October, and oddly enough, we're in a steamy 80 degree day. Ugh! I've been baking fall comfort foods but it's hard to enjoy them when a cool fruit salad really fits the weather.

These orange sweet rolls (or bread if you just put it in one pan) are my most recent discovery. Wow, are they delicious!! I under baked this batch, but will definitely add them to my special-breakfast repertoir. I found the recipe over at the, which is a wonderful blog for many things in addition to food.

Cold weather is coming, and so the necessary knitting is in progress. First off my needles is this squishy ear flap hat.

My son was a trooper to model a wool hat on an 80 degree day. He'll be rewarded. :)

It's apparent what this son thought of putting a wool hat on his head. Stinker.

I think I'm going to add a fleece lining to it - the report from my boys is it's a bit itchy - and a fleece lining should help that plus add an extra layer of warmth. This will likely be a gift since we already have a ton of hats. It only took a couple of evenings to knit and used up a fair amount of yarn from my odds-n-ends jar.

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twin fibers said...

What a great hat! And really.... only took you a few nights?! :) I love the faces of the boys!
The rolls look delicious, too. I'm sure they were devoured with in minutes (at least they would have been at my house)!