Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gift Preparedness

The onslaught of the holiday season calls for preparedness, much like getting ready for a hurricane. Be prepared. Make lists. Stock up on supplies. Have a plan. I used this holiday checklist last year. I liked it so much I printed this year's checklist as well. Blank ones are here.

Oh, the crafting is really swinging into high gear lately! There's quite a few *unfinished* projects I'm in the middle of, gifts for Christmas and birthdays. There is an unusually high number of birthdays around the holidays in our circle, plus a newly adopted niece to welcome into the family. Lots of reasons to celebrate!!

With so many projects to do, it is time to be ORGANIZED. For me, this means figuring out my "dead" time and filling it productively. I can knit while reading words aloud for a spelling test. Sewing is best done after the kids are in bed. Projects for my own family members are done in secret while they're away swimming at the Y. This makes for a lot of pick up and put down of projects, so I like to keep all necessary supplies and materials. It's easy to pull out a tub or basket, work on a project for 15 minutes, then quickly pack it up.

Here's one project I'm working on, based on the Shepherd's Delight pattern (Ravelry link). Stranded knitting is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!

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