Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Do you doodle? I do. I love to draw, but long gone are the days when I spent over 40 hrs working on an 8x8" drawing! When I saw the art blog of Alisa Burke I felt like I found a kindred spirit! Her doodles and drawings are beautiful.

I was inspired to try my own version of her valentine hearts to loosen up and get back into my own art.

I doodled in bits of time snatched between math lessons, grammar explanations, and cooking for our meals. All of these were done standing up at our counter, hunched over (I need to raise my countertops!). No forethought, sketching, or planning here - I just dove right in with my Sharpie! There's something wonderful about the commitment a black marker forces you to make, and the need for flexibility to change course because of a wiggly line or misplaced dot.

Trying to squeeze in time for any kind of art is a challenge, but I hope to do more of it over the next month - and maybe even sign up for Alisa's sketchbook 2 class.

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