Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Yarn - I did it!!

Hi there - I'm excited to share my latest achievement - I can spin yarn!! I've had a persnickety antique spinning wheel for awhile, but I've given up hope of getting her up and running consistently. So I picked up my drop spindle with the aim of mastering this ancient art.

I've fiddled with it before, but nothing serious. I set a goal for myself to see how fine or skinny of a yarn I could knit. I was hoping for laceweight - because I love to knit lace! Originally, I hoped to enter it in a skein competition in September, but the deadline came and went before I finished my skein. Oh well, it's all about the learning, right? About 130 yards of laceweight yarn were the result! Isn't it pretty?

I forgot to take a pic of the spindle - it's a beautiful little lady created by butteflygirl designs, very similar to this one. It's very sturdy too - no damage from all the drops and falls it's taken while I mastered my technique. :)


twin fibers said...

Very pretty! Congrats on getting the hang of it and finishing up a skein. :) I can't wait to see what you knit with it!

DangAndBlast! said...

Good job! I can't get the hang of a drop spindle - when you have to stop every three feet to wind it on. But your work looks perfect!