Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remembering What Love Is

There are a thousand songs, poems, and movies that try to describe what love is. If you were an alien landing on our planet, you'd probably think love is pink hearts, lace, and roses all given a good dose of chocolate. Maybe it's champagne and a candle lit dinner, or black lace and heady perfume? I think our ET visitors would leave quite confused, and probably chuckling to themselves about our quirky species.

"wove, twue wove, is what bwings us togevaaaah.... today."

Valentine's Day is not my favorite holiday. All the shmoozy, sappiness leads us away from the truth of love. It's a day for high expectations which can often lead to disappointed hearts (will HE call me? Oh, grocery store roses? the cheap chocolate? dinner at THAT restaurant? Really? No card? No diamonds? Nothing???). So take some pressure off the men ladies, let's refocus a bit.

I have 3 boys - this day could be a big turn off for them. What boy LIKES pink, hearts, and lace?? Instead I want to encourage them in their growth into manhood by having them remember that real men love in a real way - and the only text that I know of that really describes that well (in a non-flowery way) is the Bible, namely 1 Corinthians 13. Real men can handle some pink hearts and lace, not forgetting what true love is.

A little project for the kids to help all of us remember the right things today.

our spelling needs some love

Yeah, the boys weren't keen on the lace and pink hearts. One on my sons colored a very dark blue/black heart on a card for me today. But it was very sweet in his little-boy way. A project like this helped the boys to remember that the foundation that supports all the frou-frouness around us today is earthy, and rock solid granite. Paper doilies easily tear and blow away. God's Word - and His love - is immutable.

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