Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blue Skies Shawl

Blue Skies Shawl - Ravelry project page here.
Approx 660 yards of yarn!
73" x 18" at deepest point of curve

I started this project so I'd have some brainless knitting to do on a long flight to Ireland and back last fall. A nice garter stitch shawl with just enough stripes to keep it interesting. But before I got back to the States, I ran out of yarn. An online friend sent me what I needed. Thank goodness for the internet!! When the lace edging was 80% complete, I ran out again (!). So I completely ripped out the lace. The same online friend had more yarn - so I finally got around to reknitting the lace, which only took about 4 days. So this project yielded a bit of frustration and took several months instead of a couple weeks.

It's very cozy - and large! At 73" from tip to tip, this shawl is perfect to wrap up and snuggle in! Great for sunny, but chilly, spring days.

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