Monday, June 11, 2012

on fish and birds - again and again

Have you ever let yourself just doodle without really thinking? Basically just draw by gut instinct without worrying about the outcome? That's how this doodle developed. Our family was chilling out watching the "Andy Griffith Show" while my pen carried me away. There is something really satisfying about drawing a beautiful, curvy, thick/thin line! I know that sounds weird, right? I really got into those lines in the center of this drawing. They led me on a thought journey - the lines reminded me of waves, which reminded me of sea critters, which made me ponder how God might've felt while creating the myriad of sea creatures and birds on the fifth day of our little world's existence. And why did he choose fish and birds on the same day?? Why not fish and bugs? or birds and reptiles? I have no answer to that, but after drawing this, I see some related shapes and forms between them. Perhaps God was reveling in making those lovely organic curves. He didn't just make trout, but did the same thing over and over with countless variations on a theme. Minnows. Tuna. Salmon that turn colors. Clown fish. Moon jellies. Narwhals. Angler fish that light up. Flounders with eyes that move across their bodies.

That joy of repetition in something simple and sweet is best understood by little kids. Think about the last time your toddler begged you to push her on the swings at the playground. Over and over and over. Don't stop Daddy! We adults have forgotten the joy of beautiful repetition, instead we're often annoyed by it. Ugh, sin robs us of our joy again. Not today - those dish soap bubbles will be marveled over, the simple ingenuity of t-shirts appreciated while folding laundry. Thank you God for the joy of repetition - help me not get bogged down in it.

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twin fibers said...

The drawing is so pretty! Thanks for the simple reminders today, I needed it! Sometimes I get really frustrated at the every day problems to deal with and jobs to do. I think I'll try to be more appreciative of those today. :)