Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trinity Rolls

One of my favorite dinner rolls to make are cute little knots - we call them Trinity Rolls because we usually have them with our Saturday night Sabbath Feasts. With a bit of homemade jam or cinnamon honey butter, these are a delightful way to ring in the Lord's Day!

My eight year old son mixed the dough - his first attempt at bread dough! This recipe makes a lovely smooth dough, almost silk-like. Kneading it by hand is a pleasure! We let his dough rise in the fridge overnight, and in the morning I tied them into knots and let them rise a second time at room temperature. I'm learning to not rush the second rise - we like our rolls light and fluffy!

Since there are a lot of bare walls in my kitchen, I thought I'd illustrate some of our family's favorite recipes to frame. My daughter is illustrating some of her favorite recipes, too!

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