Friday, January 18, 2013

Work in Progress

I'm discovering that creativity is like a chuck roast - you start with something pretty mundane, but once you add a little seasoning and let it stew a long time, it eventually becomes a delicious entree.

The test is in the waiting- I would love microwave-fast ideas and output, but the reality is inspiration can be more like a crock pot. Nice and slow. Let it bubble. And simmer. 
The flavors blend and eventually you notice a lovely scent in the air. Mmm.

Above is a work in progress; it's still in the crock pot, getting good and juicy. Normally I wouldn't share a half-completed project. It's kind of like someone walking in on you while you're still in your PJs. Presentable, but not quite right. I'm testing out some new methods with my brushes, paper, and computer (!). Stepping back and looking at it in a different way (on my blog!) helps me to think about it while it simmers. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the aroma - I hope to have a wonderful dish to serve up to you soon!

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