Thursday, June 27, 2013

A new member in the family!

She finally arrived! Proud to announce a new family member (in my fiber family, that is). Meet Greta, the little Kromski Mazurka spinning wheel. Isn't she pretty?? Well, she was, until I artlessly plopped that gray merino on her distaff. No time to sit and be vain, sweetie, there's work to do!

And she spins so well, despite my awkwardness. Steve realized AFTER I bought this that I have no idea how to spin on a treadle wheel (I have only used drop spindles and my walking wheel to date). Hey, the concept is pretty much the same, right? Make the wool twist - easy.

 So far, it's looking good. We'll see how the yarn plies and finishes.
For those of you that don't know, the U-shaped piece with all the little hooks is called a flyer, and the gray yarn is wrapped around the bobbin (which comes off). 

Love all the turnings and that rich mahogany stain. This is a used wheel, signed and dated 2002 on the bottom. She's in great shape with nary a scuff mark on her!

 Family picture, with big sister in the background. Poor old girl has been neglected, and likely will be for some time, what with the little upstart stealing the show. Big Bertha's a bit persnickety to spin with, but I'm rehabilitating her. Despite her stripped tension screw and franken-head, she still has fine lines for being 200 yrs old and can spin her share. I bet back in the day she was a great dance partner.

It's not all spinning happiness here today. I found THIS - my favorite drop spindle - under hubby's chair.... and no one is 'fessing up to it. I suspect sword-play. Hmmmmmm.

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