Thursday, May 29, 2014

Me Made May 7

Thought I forgot about the Me Made May Challenge, didn't you? I haven't, but I also haven't found something handmade to wear each day this week. This exercise has really opened my eyes to the gaps I've got in my handmade wardrobe. Apparently, I really like to sew skirts, but tops not so much.

Today was an exceptionally cool day for late May in the South, so I took advantage of it in order to wear a spring sweater! Here's another Me-Made handknit...

The party in this sweater is all up around the neckline - isn't that pretty lace?

The rest, just a plain vanilla stockinette stitch with a bit of a picot hem.

You can read all about the woes and trials I went through knitting this on my Ravelry page. The sizing is really off - it came out much too large around the middle, so I put it under the sewing machine and took in the side seams a couple inches. I'm still not convinced it fits properly, but it's done and I'm 90% happy with the finished product.

I'm currently knitting another sweater - hopefully this one will turn out better!

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