Friday, May 23, 2014

MMM5 - hand knit happiness

We're having out of town guests stay with us this weekend, so today is full of cleaning and cooking. Having guests means I get to make some extra special dishes that we normally wouldn't enjoy. But when the flour is flying and I need to do some serious scrubbing to clean this joint up, the last thing I want is for my crazy hair to get in my way.

Enter in today's Me Made May article - my favorite headband!

Yes, these curls can be quite unruly at times. I never quite know what they're going to do on any given day. As a kid, I heard way too many Little Orphan Annie and Shirley Temple remarks. As a teen, I even tried chemical relaxers, which didn't work and left me with burns on my scalp. Ouch.
Recently, I've found the book Curly Girl to be of immense help. Oh, why wasn't that information available years ago??? If you have curly gals or guys in your life, buy them this book!

I love this hairband because it's knit! The cotton yarn has just enough texture to hold onto my head without slipping off, and it's nice and stretchy. I made this last year while waiting for my kids during swim lessons - the perfect summer knitting project.

My Ravelry page with all the details is here. This was such an easy project - go knit yourself one today! Don't worry about mistakes, nobody will ever see them once you tie it in your own hair!

(PS - the yarn was leftover from these Cape May socks - so now I literally match from head to toe!)

I'd love to hear about what hand made items you're wearing. Leave a comment telling about your favorites!

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