Thursday, July 3, 2014

Big, Bold Love

Have you noticed the trend in black and white designs lately? I'm seeing them a lot, especially in fashion. Everything from tribal and geometric patterns to the classic LBD paired with white accessories. I love the contrast and timelessness of these colors (yes! I can wear these colors forev-ah and still be "in").

Jumping on the big, bold, and graphic bandwagon, I came up with some designs to express the heart. It's always been tough to find a classy card to give my guy without offending his masculinity with pink, lace, and general foo-fooness. Oh yes, now I'm making up words.

I love the energy in these brush strokes! They were so fun to make I kept going...and going... and going.... The blackness of that ink on the white paper was just making me giddy. Too much fun.

Like them? They are for sale in my etsy shop - and more will be listed soon!

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