Friday, January 31, 2014

One Cool Cat

Following in the footsteps of these critters, I have a new friend to introduce to you! This is one cool cat, calm and confident in his sweater vest and green bowtie. Does he frequent the local coffee shop to discuss quantum physics with his peers, or is he more likely to snooze in a sunny corner surrounded by stacks of old books? 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Red - your closet's best friend

What's my favorite color? Red!! Besides using it everywhere in my home and in my art, I love it in my closet. Dorothy was on to something with those snazzy slippers in Oz. Every woman should own a pair of red shoes. And, as I've recently discovered, every woman needs a red hat. Or two!

A vintage soft pillbox for looking prim and proper, and a big floppy red sunhat for those high-humidity, crazy curls type of days.

What is it about wearing red? The woman in the red dress. Red nails. The perfect (and albeit elusive) shade of red lipstick. It's just the thing for these long, gray winter days, don't you think? Feeling down and need a shot in the arm? Toss on a red scarf or cardi. You can't half-heartedly wear red. Maybe that's why I love it so; I've never been one to do things halfway!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back into the swing of things

After Christmas break, a visit from Grandma, and some bouts with colds, I think our family is finally back into our normal routines. Thank goodness! I love me a good holiday, but after awhile all the festivities and jumbled schedules make me weary.

The kids are hitting the books once again, and I'm picking up my brushes and pens whenever I can squeeze it in. This is a quick sketch I did while waiting for my kids at our Latin class. The room I was in was very dark. You can imagine how surprised I was to bring this into the daylight and discover I gave this guy purple hair! I kind of like it.