Friday, December 18, 2015

Getting messy in the studio

The last few months I put the blog on hold, but I'm ready to come back and show everyone what's been going on around here!

Christmas is looming near, and with it all the anticipation and preparation. Each year I think I'm going to keep it low key, but then find myself getting giddy with excitement like a child! It's great! I've had a lot of fun making tons of new product for my shop, like theses zippy pencil pouches.

Not a new idea, but I love breaking free and doing some messy painting. I find it relaxing to not worry about straight lines and creating a "perfect" painting. These pouches are where I really get to play with color and pattern! To my surprise, colors I thought I didn't "like" have become some new favorites. I'm also learning to use new tools - like stencils, brayers, hex nuts, coffee cups - whatever I can apply paint with! The dots below were made with my fingers, then I used a cup to stamp the larger circles. Other favorite tools are bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, and paint pens.

Most of these zip pouches traveled with me to my first ever craft fair! Yay! It was a small event and not very well attended, but it was still a great learning experience. Creating a booth and displays made me think about my art in new ways. I'm ready to find a few more shows - but after the holidays!


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Sophie said...

Hi Sara. I had to check your blog out as soon as I got home. Very cool. Seems we have something else in common too - seeing; something I don't get enough time to do often. So glad to have met you guys.