Sunday, January 21, 2018

Back to it

Hi, it's me. I've been away far too long - it's good to be behind the keyboard again! I wish I could tell you why I was away for months on end, but it mostly boils down to the busyness of homeschooling 2 high schoolers and 2 middle schoolers. We're in the home stretch, so my focus on that can't waver now!

Hi. Remember me?? I'm dreaming up some exciting things to share!

I haven't neglected my art. In fact, I feel like I've put more time into it than ever! I loved the 30 day painting/sketchbook challenge I did last June. It was like a mini art retreat each day, allowing myself at least 30 minutes to create. It taught me about myself, which art styles I feel most comfortable with, and what my weaknesses are. Two things really stood out to me: I love lettering and I love illustration.

But after June, school picked up (we start planning early for the next year, then jump back in early August!) and the paints got pushed to the back of my desk in favor of other supplies. Brush pen lettering was a quick art fix for me in those moments between grading papers and making meals. I love the simplicity of uncapping a pen and writing! I stash them in one of my pencil bags in my purse with a small sketchbook and can write anywhere! Not only do they give me that paint brush fix I need, but I found that illustrating with them makes for some gorgeous lines that fit with my fun and funky style.

Lettering/illustration from my Christmas cards 2017

My love for brush pens had to be shared. I started teaching classes as a lettering consultant at AR Workshop. I had been teaching art classes at the local fine arts center for a few months, but this really confirmed item #3 that I learned about myself last year: I love teaching art - to all ages! I have more classes than ever on my calendar teaching both traditional kids art classes and hand lettering.

When I look through my sketchbooks, I see have been writing letters for many years! My graphic design background and love of typography are a core part of who I am as an artist. So I'm continuing to push myself to grow in that area. Dip pens and calligraphy are the next mountain to climb. I love a good challenge! As a kid, I remember asking for calligraphy pens as birthday gifts. In art school I used dip pens in drawing and illustration classes. The tools were already familiar, and my eye has been trained in letterforms from years of graphic design work. So tackling calligraphy should be a breeze, right? Ha. As with any new craft, there's a learning curve! I'm excited to start the copperplate calligraphy class that Christen Alloco will teach. Learning a very structured hand will be a good balance to my more freeform style I typically do.

examples of recent lettering work

That's the past six months in a nutshell. My lettering has spread to signs, ornaments, coloring pages, wallets, and more - lots to check out in my etsy shop! Which brings me to the exciting changes I'm working on! I'm working on switching this blog over to my own website. That' will give me more flexibility to show portfolio samples to clients, share my thoughts about art, and even have my own online shop! I hope to reach out to the wedding and event markets more.

Of course a website it just one of the things I'm cooking up....a possible coloring page/devotional booklet, calendar art, drawing classes for local many ideas are running through my head! I'm a list maker, so my planner is full of notes and scrawled on pages jammed into the pages. Follow me over at my instagram account to stay with the day to day happenings!

(And I promise I won't take another 6 month break! Talk again soon!)

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