Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back in the swing of things

The blog has been quiet, but my hands haven't! All this pre-holiday crafting and preparation is keeping me very busy. I try to plan ahead and get as much done as possible so our family can enjoy the weeks before Christmas, but I've discovered that it makes for a busy November! Here's a visual collage of what's been in the works lately (of course I can't say what these are for...just in case they're meant for gifts!):

braided cowl Nov2010
Hunting Balaclava WIP Nov2010
Silver triangle shawl WIP Nov2010
wool coat WIP Nov 2010
This wool coat for my daughter has been the big project lately. It finally has the lining inside, and just needs to be hemmed and a few buttons added. I'm really surprised at how well everything came together. Not a difficult pattern as long as you go slow and follow the directions. Our weather has turned warmer again (72 today!) so perhaps I can procrastinate a few more days on finishing it!

1 comment:

val said...

the yarn of that cowl makes me salivate it's so gorgeous....
and great job on the coat! i will most likely never even attempt anything close!