Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Sock challenge Update

2010 draws to a close, and with it my self-imposed sock knitting challenge. Remember my goal? It was to knit 20 socks, or 10 pairs, in 2010. Let's see how I did:

Hmm, didn't quite get the full 10 pairs in! Honestly, I burned out on knitting socks somewhere around September or October. By the end of November, I didn't even want to think about socks, so all WIPs were retired to the basket. I have one full sock of pair #8 finished, and a good 75% of a sock (knee sock with beads, no less!) of pair #9. Pair #10 never materialized.

I realized that I have a drawer stuffed full of handknit socks, enough for a good number of winters. It's probably a good thing I didn't knit all 10 pairs! Two of the pairs I made this year were given as gifts. I'll work on finishing the last 3 pairs this winter and maybe give some of those as gifts as well.

So....what did I learn through all this? I don't like knitting patterns with large row repeats in a motif (like the red pair). The asymmetrical concept (black socks) is unique, but not very practical for socks as the sock wants to twist around on your foot all the time. Sport weight yarn (red pair) is my favorite for socks - nice and squishy but still fits in your shoes. Finer yarns are beautiful, but I find that I'm mending those types of socks and not the thicker ones. I'll keep my fine yarns for shawls and spring scarves.

There are still 4 days of 2010 left...perhaps I'll finish pair #8.....or do a quick sock pattern for #10! Can I really do a pair of socks in 4 days??? My record so far is 9 days.... *dashing off to dig up needles and yarn*


twin fibers said...

aaaww! I'd say you did really well! The socks are all beautiful!

4 days left?!... where did the year go?

:) Jessica

jj said...

They do look great. I know you are off in your knitting closet, working away furiously. More power to you! I'm burned out by watching you knit...