Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creative blahs

It's the new year, a time when most people are energized by new resolve and determination to alter their lives in some way. I'm just not feeling it this year. Perhaps it was 2 months or more of creative sprinting that has me feeling worn out. It's like the post-Christmas blahs have set in. The ol' brain just isn't getting those creative lightning strikes that keep me up, scratching down ideas on my sketchbook in bed.

So I figured I might as well get some old projects finished. There's nothing as UN-creative as digging up an old project, something that has lost all love and therefore been cast aside and is now a wrinkled mess in the bottom of a work basket, and trying to figure out where you left off and how on earth you're to proceed (not to mention where the rest of your supplies might be!).

Here are my Leyburn Socks - one sock neatly finished, lonely like Adam in Eden. Pretty, yes, and not even that hard to knit. I did cast on the second sock this week, and all went just swimmingly until I messed up the heel flap and had to rip back. Ugh. Old projects AND mistakes. Oh well, it's a lesson in perserverance. At least I have the fond memory of getting a parking ticket while purchasing this yarn in Philadelphia. I hope to finish this pair in the next few days.

Other creative pursuits require my mind to get back in gear: a wedding, some historical org charts, and SCHOOL. Yes, it's time for the kids to hit the books again, which means this mom needs to get prepared. I start my last kid in Kindergarten tomorrow, which means four kids K-4th grade, and about 25 separate lesson plans each day to teach them. Now if that's not a creative challenge, I don't know what is!

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twin fibers said...

I'd say school would be an enormous creative challenge! :)
The socks are great though, and it will feel great to finish it up and accomplish that project. (I'm happy to have the HV quilt done, that I stuffed under the ironing board for a few months!)