Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mother Daughter crafting

I bought a little embroidery kit for my daughter in February - it had patterns to stitch 6 mini Christmas stockings. I figured little projects would be more attainable for her than something substantial. She's done a great job so far! She helped me press and sew a few of them this afternoon. That proved to be some great teaching time for lining up seams, how to pin fabric, and even how to press seams (daddy's shirts are next!) She's excited to fill them with treats for Christmas morning!

mini embroidered stockings

mini embroidered stockings


val said...

soooo sweet!! i love the christmas tree one - where did you get those patterns? i need to gear up for real stockings next year in hopes of having a real fireplace to hang them on! :)

Domina said...

found the patterns at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show last February. She's been stitching all year!

twin fibers said...

These are so precious! G did such a beautiful job making them.... what a treasure!