Thursday, December 23, 2010

Upcycled Tshirts

I have long arms. My dryer shrinks my most-loved shirts to just-that-irritating length. Rather than throw out the shirts, I've been modifying them to give them a new lease on life, at least for another season.

Shirt #1: sleeves were just a bit too short, so I cut them to 3/4 length and reused the scraps to create some girly ruffles at the neck.

upcycled tshirt

Shirt #2: body and sleeves were short. I cut the long sleeves off and added sleeves from a too-see-through white tshirt. Also added a bit of length by attaching a contrast hem. (sorry for the blurred picture-I think my 6 yr old took this!)

upcycled tshirt

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