Thursday, March 17, 2011

February Lady Sweater

I'm so excited to share this with you! I just finished this sweater, and I couldn't be happier with it. The yarn, Shepherd's Wool, is so extrememly soft without a hint of itchiness. It's spun in a mill near East Jordan, Michigan by little woodland fairies (ok, maybe not, but I can't come up with any other reason why 100% wool is so soft and wonderful). The pattern is the famous February Lady Sweater. Maybe not famous to you, but if you visit the Ravelry site, you'll see there are over 10,000 people who've made this pattern!

This is the perfect spring sweater. 3/4 length sleeves, open airy lace to ventilate, and just-warm-enough-wool to chase the chill. Did I mention I love this sweater?!

The buttons reminded me of the silver and turquois jewelry that is found in all the knick-knack shops in Northern Michigan. They were on clearance for $0.50 each - gotta love that! But I think I need to move the 2nd button - see that ripple on the button band? I can't decide if it's because the button is in the wrong spot or if they're a bit heavy for this fabric. I might add a grosgrain ribbon facing to stabilize the button bands. In a contrasting color, perhaps? It seems to lay flat while I'm wearing it now. My 8 yr old photographer isn't into photo styling details (yet).

Spring can drag it's feet all it wants. Look for me snuggled up in blue!


Margaret in VA said...

beautimous! I think you should make a skirt to coordinate with that lovely color.
I think a grosgrain ribbon facing is a fabulous idea, I always like to see it in a sweater.

Sam & Chelsea said...

Love, love, LOVE! It's gorgeous...such a happy blue! I need lessons when we get back! :-)

twin fibers said...

it's gorgeous! I'd love it, too!