Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making Progress

After a mid-spring slump in the craft/creativity department, I feel like there's fresh wind in my sails. I resumed knitting this bright shawl, hopefully to finish soon and get to wear once or twice before the summer heat stays for good.

I promised myself a new quilt to spruce up our futon for guests. I figured since they have to sleep on a flat, lumpy futon, at least they can have a pretty quilt to use! Here's my first attempt at a layout for the quilt:

I sewed the strips for these half-square triangles incorrectly, so much of my sewing time lately has actually been un-sewing: ripping fourteen 44" seams and then sewing it all back together the right way is complete drudgery! I'm almost finished, and then I can finish this layout. I'm aiming for a 60x70" quilt.

Each colored triangle is made of 1.5" strips pieced together. I was inspired by this quilt I found on flickr. And why are half-square triangles called triangles when you end up with a square??

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