Sunday, May 1, 2011

Color Burst

Things have been quiet on the blog, mostly due to a last push on schoolwork before the spring/summer break. After that wrapped up, we headed out to the beach for a nice vacation. I think we all needed to get away for awhile!

The kids were begging me to do some tie-dyed tshirts, so we managed to get everyone in the family a shirt dyed before we hit the beach. Traveling with "matching" shirts sure draws attention! The kids love these shirts; I can hardly get them to wear anything else lately. We used a kit with 3 basic color dyes from Michaels. There was just enough dye to get 4 kids and 2 adult shirts done. Aren't they nice and bright for summer?
My mind must be on loud color combinations. This shawl sort of just appeared on my knitting needles. I had no plan to make it like this. My original intent was to make a small cowl/neckerchief using up the leftover aqua yarn from my February Lady Sweater. After a bit I could clearly see I didn't have enough, so I rooted around in my stash and found some other colors to put with it. I changed colors whenever I felt like it....what a wonderful way to knit! Now that it's finished, I can see I really got carried away! It's huge!! 66" wide and 40" down the center spine. I can just barely stretch my arms wide enough to reach from tip to tip. I love it!
Cinco de Mayo Shawl
Cinco de Mayo Shawl

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