Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Creative Burst

Oh my, the bug has bitten me! We're gearing up to start school again in a few weeks, so I'm trying to finish up a bunch of projects so I'm not distracted.

Noro Cash Island & Noro Kureyon scarf, improvised the pattern and love it. Half way finished!

Daughter said "I have no shirts to wear!" and so I went into action. Gingham, pintucks, and vintage buttons! The lace is reclaimed from one of great-grandma H's handkerchiefs. I kind of improvised this pattern's not as short as it looks, the camera lens did some strange things here. The neckband needs to be finished and I'd like to adjust the sleeve bands a bit to allow more ease. This reminds me of 4th of July picnics for some reason.

The England Swings charm square bag is DONE! I used a solid yellow for the lining and added some purse rings to the straps. Also added a button and loop closure.

Here are two pockets on the inside using leftover charm squares.

Our deck is done! This was a big project (which we did not do ourselves). I had a lot of fun dreaming up an outdoor space suitable for entertaining larger crowds. Our builder did a great job of catching the vision and making it reality! Now to dress it up - flowers are starting to go in around the front...
...purple coneflowers and an orange tiger lily, and no summer is complete without red geraniums.

I finished the binding on my Christmas quilt today! This was supposed to be finished for Christmas 2010, but it got a bit delayed. :) This used a honey bun of Glace by Three Sisters, plus additional yardage for the red border (same for backing). The rest is Kona cotton in khaki. I cut my teeth on straight line quilting with my new walking foot on this one. I'm waiting to see what it looks like after a run through the wash....

Whew! That's a bit this week! It feels so good to finish projects, but then again I love to start projects! I just cut out the pieces to make a rain hat for myself with some laminated cotton. Can't wait to see how that sews up! When that's done, then my creativity will be turned fully onto the school plans. Perhaps I can sneak a little sewing in during breaks. :)


twin fibers said...

oh, wow!!!! You sure have been busy. It does feel good to have some projects finished up. :) Congrats!

twin fibers said...

p.s. Your quilt turned out gorgeous!!! (along with the rest of them) :) I love how a trip through the wash makes a quilt all wrinkly and soft. I'm sure it will be perfect!