Monday, June 20, 2011

Rain, Rain - c'mon let's play!!

A new adventure for me: sewing laminated cotton! It's waterproof, so trying it out on a rain hat was perfect! I found 1/2 yard of this Amy Butler print on sale (which happens to match my rain coat and umbrella) and an easy pattern for free. Good deal!
The pattern is a free download: Simplicity Bucket Hat pdf. It's just the pattern pieces; I couldn't find directions on the Simplicity site (looks like an old pattern!), but it's pretty straight forward. There's an outer fabric and a lining. The pattern also calls for interfacing, but since the laminated cotton was pretty stiff, I skipped that. Both hats are lined in navy cotton, but I had enough polka dot flannel to do the brim lining for one hat. It only takes about 1/2 yard of fabric, and somehow I managed to cut TWO hats' worth of pattern pieces out of that....hmmm. Don't cut patterns late at night. :)
These are both the adult large size, but you can see it fits a kiddo pretty well. I would make the brim wider for an adult hat if I made it again. This was a surprisingly fast project. I spent more time pinning and clipping seams than actually sewing!


twin fibers said...

Totally cute, Sara! I needed one of those yesterday when I got stuck in the rain at the dentist and had to walk through a drenching rain! :)

the coopers said...

Do you still have this pattern they took it off the site and I really could use it to make the hats for my girl guides.