Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Red Riding... beret??

Back to the knitting this weekend. This was a super fast and easy knit hat with a lace pattern just around the crown. The pattern shows the hat as a beanie or watch cap style, but I blocked it over a plate to give it some beret-like slouch. Tight fitting hats over big hair never work for me! I tend to look like the big bad wolf after pulling off a wool hat, but this one is pretty loose so I think it won't leave flat hat hair.

Old Fern Hat (Ravelry link)

frisbee? sea urchin? hat? 

It's very difficult to take good hat self portraits! 
Red hats are like a pair of red shoes.... every gal needs one

even Grandma sports it with style!

The yarn is basic but serviceable Lion  Brand Wool Ease. I think there's enough left in the skein to make a second one or a matching cowl in this lace pattern.

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