Monday, May 7, 2012

Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest - Part 1

Saturday found me at the fairgrounds in West Friendship, Maryland for the annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! Every form of wool was present, but first you had to fight the crowds. No worries, friends of sheep are quite pleasant to be around.
 Cuddly alpacas (did you know they hum? Hmmmm?)
Some very hard working sheep dogs (and very stubborn sheep)
 This is Fred, the sheep
 Brand new wool, um, I mean lambs, born that very morning, yet unable to stand - awww!
super cuddly angora rabbit - with nasty, pointy teeth! Just kidding, she was so calm her owner held her on her lap and spun the hair directly from the rabbit! I want one!

There were all forms of four-legged wool - didn't see any llamas, camels, bison, muskoxen, or yaks, though (but I did see the yarn made from them, even 100% dog hair yarn - ewww). I'll show you the products from these beauties in my next post. 

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twin fibers said...

ok, dog hair yarn... really? yuck! ;)