Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Decorating my Kitchen

I spend almost the entirety of every day in my kitchen. Not only do I feed 6 hungry people from there, but it's homeschool central and the room with the most natural light. When we bought this house the large-ish kitchen was a major selling point. I do lots of entertaining. It's not uncommon for us to have 30-60 people over, and we all know that no matter how comfy the chairs are in the rest of the house, the kitchen is where everyone ends up hanging out! 

Since I'm in this one room so much, it was time it became the room I loved. I want it to be a fun and energetic place that will be a joy for my kids and friends to visit. I've slowly collected some fun vintage pieces - the farm table that my in-laws used as their first dining table, a schoolhouse pendant light that my parents found in an antique shop in northern MI, an old bench that's perfectly weathered. There are a few things in the kitchen I do not love: 1980's era wallpaper, mismatched shades of dark wood trim, aging oak cabinets, and a poorly laid faux-wood vinyl floor. Replacing flooring and painting cabinets are intimidating jobs; I'm not sure how much I can tackle at once and keep the family running. They're on my "eventually" list. 

Using what we already have (red walls, table, light) as a springboard, I pulled together a collage to get an idea of where I'm going with this design. A hint of retro kitsch with a love of vintage linens thrown in. I can't wait to start making this room come to life! 

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