Friday, October 12, 2012

A New Wreath to Welcome You

Autumn feels to be slow in coming in our parts - but I guess even if it doesn't feel like fall, I can at least decorate for it! A few supplies from Michaels, plus acrylic paints and my trusty glue gun....a festive fall wreath that will carry us through Thanksgiving.

I wanted white gourds but couldn't find any - so I painted some! They're not perfect, but I think it's still beautiful. Yeah, you can see some fingerprints in the paint. Now you know it's homemade, which adds to the charm, right???? I was thrilled to find a black over-the-door wreath hanger for $5 at Target - mixed in with all the creepy Halloween decor! You can't even see it against our door.

My favorite part of fall decorating is all the great textures - crispy leaves, twisty branches, striped feathers, smooth pumpkins. Add in a soft flannel shirt and wool sweater and I'm a happy gal!

What's your favorite fall texture?

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to walk through that door! Mom