Monday, May 19, 2014

Me Made May - a late start

Hi there! We've been on vacation for the first part of this month. A lovely but cold trip to see the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI. Spring has been cold and slow in coming there, so we saw a lot of this:

It's a celebration of Holland, MI's Dutch heritage. Lots of folks were in costume to be part of the Volksparade, which begins with a good ol' street scrubbing. The Dutch really like things to be clean!

And of course some kids got cleaned up too!

There were even "Dutch Dogs"

Now that we are home, I can get back to all things arty again. For me, sewing - especially sewing clothes - is as much of a creative endeavor as painting. I admit I'm still learning a lot of garment construction, but the mere challenge of taking a 2-dimensional piece of fabric and crafting it to fit around a 3-dimensional form is intriguing! And since ready-made clothing in stores never really fit well, I thought I'd partake of the Me Made May challenge: wear something handmade every day in the month of May.

I'm getting a late start, but that's ok. I'll focus on the remaining part of the month, since the idea is to enjoy sewing clothing and actually wear them! 

Here's today's stay-at-home-and-chill-with-some-coffee get up. Esme top squeaked out of one yard of chambray left over from my daughter's dress. It was a trial run, so it's not perfect, but I still like it!

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