Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Me Made May - day 2

Study Hall Skirt. Pattern by Anna Maria Horner.

Made this back in 2011. This pattern reminded me of school...the name (duh), and the box pleats are similar to those in the cheerleading skirts I wore. So I went for total kitsch with my fabric choices! The fabric inside the pleats is a cursive handwriting and the bottom band features math facts and flash cards. Maybe I thought the kids would learn something just by sitting next to me? Here are some detail shots from then, complete with little child sneaking into my photo frame:

Study Hall skirt

Study Hall skirt

If you've never sewn box pleats, this is a great skirt to try them!  There's only four to make. They are so crisp and tailored, and I love how they add fullness to a skirt without adding bulk around the waist. I think next time I'd make the bottom band fold all the way up to be doubled over, instead of just the narrow hem the pattern calls for. 

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